Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

In today's world due to COVID 19 pandemic situation, digital marketing is most important for all small, medium, and large businesses. Digital marketing is the process of marketing to increase your customers or leads through a digital platform. Fully digital marketing contains the following process. 


  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. PPC - Pay per click
  3. SEM - Search Engine Marketing
  4. Video Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. SMS Marketing
  7. Apps Marketing
  8. Google Adwords & Adsense


Strategy Approach:-


SEO:-  Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization mostly works on websites or web pages to increase the quantity and quality of its traffic from search engine organic results.SEO works by explaining that your content is the best result for the topic at hand.


SEM:- Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the paid search marketing, a system where businesses pay Google to show their ads in the search results. Need to identify the keywords and place them in your advertising campaign. SEO is time taking process (up to 3 to 6 months). SEM gives you an instant result. It generates constant as well as flexible traffic on the website. 


Video Marketing:- 

Create a business video channel on youtube and other social media platforms.


Email Marketing:-

Send bulks emails to the customers to generate the lead. It surely affects because recently all mobile devices are connected to users' Gmail account. We can reach up to the targeted customers. By creating a mail campaign, we can reach a maximum number of targeted customers.  We can also create a subscription for all users or traffic reach at our webpage or website. We easily send valuable content to the targeted customers. It helps to retain old customers instead of new customers.


SMS Marketing:-

Bulk SMS is an effective strategy to do marketing.


Benefits of Digital Marketing:-


  1. Measurable and real-time.
  2. High returns on investment.
  3. Its 24X7 marketing approach.
  4. Global customer reach
  5. Precise targeting

Digital Marketing