Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a powerful tool to increase the leads for your business. it keeps engaged to your services or products with your customers. Youtube video is one of the best tools to marketize your business. Basically, there is a huge difference between regular youtube videos and business youtube videos. Regular youtube videos focus on general like and subscribe bust business youtube videos are small, explainable and target audience-oriented. 

               There are two types of videos, influencer video, and video for sale.


Video Influencer:-

Video influencer requires a maximum view. It contains youtube advertising, affiliate marketing, brand deals, product selling information like books, membership, crowdfunding. Views are more important for these types of videos.


Video sales:-

These types of videos are included in the marketing strategy. It is mostly required for software (SAAS) , physical products, real estate, mortgages, insurance, direct sales, freelance services, cooking, consulting. The exact purpose of these types of videos is to lead generations. 


Now video can be categorized into three subtypes.

  • General Videos
  • Specific Videos
  • Micro Audience Videos

Mostly for lead generation, micro audience videos are most important. It generates leads for our business. There are three types of secrets used to generate any micro-niche or micro audience videos.


Secret 1:-


How to talk inside a video?:-

There is a simple formula to talk inside a video. It's a PIC formula.

  • P:- Problem
  • I:- Interest
  • C:- Conclusion


Secret 2:-


How to write a script for a video?

There is a simple formula to write a video script. It's a PEC formula.

  • P:- Problem
  • E:- Earn The Rights
  • C:- Call To Action


Secret 3:-


How many videos do you have to make to get your first sales?

You have to make 8 intro videos for your business according to your service or products. Then make 4  videos for a description or explanation of your business. Then make 2 videos to earn the rights. Last you have to make a call-to-action video for exact lead generation.


Video Marketing